16 ft WXR – Dump Body of the Month

Dump body of the month

Dump Body of the Month – WXR Series

New Warren Dump Body Model

This week’s dump body of the month features a NEW Warren dump body model – the WXR! This new dump body model has 12” radius coves inside the body to allow for easy dumping and a very strong floor. It is a cross between our WXL model and our WAR body, bringing the best of both models together. The WXR is a severe service dump body can be used for a variety of applications from asphalt to hauling heavy material*.

This unit is 1 of 3 that we completed for Christopher Truck Center in Greenville, SC.

This  16ft WXR has the following specifications requested by the customer:

Floor Material: 3/16 AR450
Front / Material: 60″ 3/16 A1011
Side / Material: 54″ 3/16 A1011
Horizontal Brace: Yes
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135
Hydraulics: Yes
Cab to Axle: 137.7

Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 3 Horizontal
Material: 3/16 AR450
Height: 60
Slope: 15″
Chains: 3/8″
Standard opening tailgate
Hydraulic Hoses/Fittings: Yes
Pump: Permco 22 gal w/air shift CW
Conspicuity Tape: Yes
Mudflaps and Brackets: Yes
Splash/Gravel Guards: Yes
Side Boards: Pine – 2×6

Cabshield: Variable Width-1/2
(24″) x 90″ wide
Asphalt Apron: 8”
Center Board Pockets Yes
Lights: LED Standard
Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post

8” I-Beam longsills with rubber strip
Steel front mud guards installed
1 standard two rung ladder with 1 stirrup
Front, body side steps 24” wide


PTO  – Muncie CS Series (Auto)

8” body setback
Pivot is 2” behind tires
22” overhang requested
Small round ICC under-ride bar
Rear flaps 6”-8” behind tires
Shovel holder on bulkhead

Color: Warren Black

TARP SYSTEM TARP system – installed
Brand: Mountain
Manual / Electric: Electric
Type: Arm
Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum
Bent Arm: Yes
Tarp Size: 90″x16′
Tarp Type: Asphalt
Side Flaps: No

1/2″ thick x 10′ wide QuickSilver liner installed on floor


This WXR was built to our customer’s specification, and we can build your next dump body to meet your specification! This body has the flexibility to be used in heavy duty down to medium/light duty applications depending on what material you choose. We would love to talk to you about your next dump body specifications! Call us today at 800-228-4842!

We will do a special feature of the new WXR series dump body shortly, displaying all of it’s great features and offered options.  Check the website soon for literature and details about the WXR series.

*different floor material may be recommended based on application

Demolition Dump Body – Featured Unit of the Month

Demolition Dump Body – Featured Unit of the Month

Dump body of the month

Dump Body of the Month

Demolition Dump Body

This month’s dump body of the month is a demolition dump body for Worldwide Equipment in Columbia, SC. This body was manufactured in Collins, MS, at our Warren, Inc. location and painted and installed in Columbia, SC. This body has a special paint job, including matching red fenders, which makes for a great looking truck and body combination!

demolition dump body

This body is a 16.5 ft WAR body mounted on a Kenworth T880 truck and has the below specifications.

Demolition Dump Body:

Floor Material: 1/4 AR450
Front / Material: 56″ 1/4 AR450
Side / Material: 48″ 1/4 AR450
Vertical Side Brace: No
Horizontal Brace: NoIMG_4910
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135


Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 2 Horizontal
Material: 1/4 AR450
Height: 56
Chains: 5/16″
Double Acting: Yes
Water Tight: None


Cabshield: Full Width-1/2 (24″)
Asphalt Apron: 8″ Push Type
Lights: LED Standard
Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post
Pump: 35 gal PERMCO
Chrome Turnouts: Yes (1)
Side Boards: Pine – 2×8 painted
Covers: Aluminum

Color: RED
PTO Muncie TG8 Series

If you are looking for a new dump body, please call us at 888-734-4400. Also, be sure to visit our sister website www.dumptrucks.com for more information about all of our great dump body models. Whether you are looking for a light duty dump body or a very heavy duty dump body, we have the right model for you! We pride ourselves on being able to customize our bodies to your specific specifications.

Do not forget that Warren makes several different products, not only dump bodies. We also manufacturing dump trailers (both steel and aluminum), feed trailers and bodies, litter spreaders, lime and fertilizer spreaders, as well as aluminum dump bodies. For more information about each of our great product lines, please visit each website. If you have any questions, please call 903-379-3921!

18.5 ft Aluminum Dump Body

18.5 ft Aluminum Dump Body

Dump body of the month

Featured Dump Body

Dump Body of the Month – 18.5 ft Aluminum Dump Body

This week’s featured dump body is a 18.5 ft aluminum dump body for Worldwide Equipment in Columbia, SC. This is one of ten units purchased by Worldwide for one of their valued customers in Sumter, SC.  Their customer is a local South Carolina hauling company that was looking to expand their fleet. We are very excited to be part of their expansion! The units were manufactured in Plant City, FL, and was mounted at our Columbia, SC, location. Each unit is mounted on a Kenworth truck and has a water tight sealed tailgate.

18.5 ft aluminum dump body

18.5 ft Aluminum Dump Body Specs:

  • Floor Material: 1/4 ALUM 5083
  • Front / Material: 56″ .190 ALUM18.5 ft aluminum dump body
  • Side / Material: 48″ .160 ALUM
  • Vertical Side Brace: Yes
  • Tailgate: 9 PanelMaterial: .190 ALUM 5454
    Height: 56
    Slope: 6″
    Chains: 5/16″
    Water Tight: Yes with 4 aluminum winders (1) each side (2) under
    gatealuminum tailgate
  • Cabshield: Full Width-1/2 (24″)
    Asphalt Apron: 8″
    Center Board Pockets Yes
    Lights: LED Standard
    Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post
    Muncie TG8 Series

The winders featured on this aluminum dump body tailgate help to further secure the water tight seal. Winders can be put on steel and aluminum bodies with or without a water tight gate. We see many people on the coast who haul sludge add winders to their standard tailgates to further secure the tailgate with their high moisture content load.

To get a quote for your next aluminum dump body or steel dump body, please contact us at 800-228-4842. When you buy a Warren product you not only buy a quality product, but also a great customer experience.

For information on all of our dump body models, please visit our Dump Bodies product page on our sister website, dumptrucks.com. 

For more information about our aluminum dump bodies, please visit www.warrentrailers.com.

Warren Truck and Trailer Expansion

Warren Truck and Trailer Expansion


Growth in Texas

Building Expansion Project at Warren


Yesterday was an exciting day at Warren Truck and Trailer, LLC., as we began a building expansion project. Anyone who as visited our Texas location knows how busy we have been over the last several months. We want to be able to continue to provide the excellent service that our customers are accustomed to, which means we need more space.

We are adding 2200 square feet to our current building! The building expansion will make room for additional warehouse space and a new location for the machine shop area. Our old shop area will be used to put needed parts storage closer to our installation shop. With the new space, we will be able to increase our number of installation bays from 3 to 4.

The additional space and increased number of bays means that we will be able to hire additional mechanics to increase our output and shorten our delivery time. We will also be looking for a couple more welders to get our bodies ready to paint and for small parts fabrication If you know anyone who would be a good candidate for these positions, please contact our office at 903-379-3921.

Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks for additional pictures and an update on how our bigger space is helping Warren be even better than before! For more information about our great products, please visit our sister websites:

Frame Type 15 ft – Dump Body of the Month


Dump Body of the Month

Frame Type 15 ft

This month’s dump body of the month is a Frame type 15 ft body built in Collins, MS. This steel dump body was recently purchased by Empire Truck Sales, Inc. in Jackson, MS. It was mounted on one of their Western Star Trucks for the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks. The Warren F series dump body is perfect for municipalities as they are customizable to fit specific municipal needs and built for durability and long product life.

Frame type 15 ft

This frame type 15 ft body features 1/4 AR450 steel for floor, side, front, and tailgate material and also has many special options including a tow package, bed liner, and toolbox. This high-tensile steel constructed dump body has the following specifications:

Floor Material: 1/4 AR450

Front/Material: 50” 1/4 AR450

Side/ Material: 42” 1/4 AR450

Vertical and Horizontal Side Braces

Hoist/ Cylinder: VTW-63126

Tailgate: 9 Panel

Material: 1/4 AR 450

Height: 50”

Chains: 5/16”

Cabshield: Full Width – 3/4 (36”)

Asphalt Apron: 10” push type

Drive Side & Passenger Side step
Driver Side & Passenger Side shovel brackets
Cabshield mt 6″ amber beacon LED w/guard
36x18x18 tool box w/t handle
1/4″ tube top rail
1/2″ bed liner
AR450m side wings
5″ I-beam longsills
1/4″ AR sidewings on push apron

Tow Package: 1″ Pintle Plate
Pintle Hitch: 50T
Electric Plug: 7 Way

We are proud to work with the state of Mississippi and look forward to our continued partnership with Empire Truck Sales, Inc.! We have built equipment for several different departments and always enjoy working with the state.

Visit our product pages on dumptrucks.com for more information about our various dump body models. If you are looking for your next dump body, be sure to call us today at 888.734.4400. We have a dedicated sales team standing by to answer all of your questions.
Used Bulk Feed Trailer For Sale

Used Bulk Feed Trailer For Sale

For Sale News

Used Bulk Feed Trailer For Sale

2004 Warren 36 ft 8 bin bulk feed trailer

We currently have a used bulk feed trailer for sale in Talco, TX. The trailer is a 2004 36 ft, 8 bin, 39 cube feed trailer with 9-10-9 auger system. The trailer is road ready with good life left in both the breaks and tires. The motors, boom cylinder, and valves have been replaced. The tank is in excellent condition with no dents or cracks in it. The trailer was previously used by one of Warren’s best customers, who took excellent care of the trailer. They recently traded the trailer in, which has provided a great opportunity for someone to take advantage of. You can find out more about this great offer on TruckPaper.

used bulk feed trailer for sale used bulk feed trailer for sale

Are you interested in a new feed trailer instead? Be sure to visit our sister website, FeedTrucks.com for information on all of our great bulk feed trailer models.

Please contact us today at 888.734.4400 where we have a dedicated sales manager standing by to answer your questions!

3-Ton Lime and Fertilizer AccuMaxx Spreader For Sale


3-Ton Lime and Fertilizer AccuMaxx for Sale

3-ton lime and fertilizer accumax spreaderWFT-2010-3 TON 3  WFT-2010-3 TON 4

 Warren Truck and Trailer has a 3-Ton Lime and Fertilizer AccuMaxx Spreader for sale and ready for immediate delivery.  This ag spreader features 12 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction, a  97.5 Cubic Feet Capacity, and a  20″ Conveyor Chain w/ 3 Speed Ground Wheel Drive Gearbox. Our lime and fertilizer spreaders are perfect for spreading ag lime, gypsum, dry fertilizer, and other free flowing material. You will not find another pull-type spreader that can compete with our AccuMaxx’s accuracy and dependability. Don’t believe us? Go to Warren’s YouTube page and watch our AccuMaxx video to see this 3-ton lime and fertilizer AccuMaxx spreader in action.

Please call us at 888-734-4400 for more information!

Visit our sister site, Spreaders.Com, for more information about all of spreader products.

Featured Dump Body of the Week

Featured Dump Body of the Week


Steel Dump Body of the Week: Warren FL-Series


This week our steel dump body of the week is this grey metallic FL-Series 16.5ft body. It was manufactured in Collins, MS, and then sent to Columbia, SC. After arriving in SC, the body was installed, painted, and completed by our professional team in Columbia. This dump body is mounted on a Western Star truck and was made for Charlotte Truck Center. All of the Warren companies work together to provide premium products for our customers.

Features & Benefits of Warren F & FL Series Bodies

  • ASTM A1011 A-45 High Tensile Steel
  • Body & NTEA rated hoist manufactured by Warren
  • Continuous welding throughout body for additional strength
  • Available in 12′-18′ lengths
  • Boxed tubular top rail
  • Full depth rear corner post

Reach out today at 1-800-228-4842 to let one of our dedicated representatives help you spec your next Warren FL& F-Series steel dump body!


More about our Collins, MS location:

Warren, Inc. of Collins, Mississippi has been in the dump body manufacturing business since January 3, 1993. Since that time we have provided many public and commercial entities in the state of Mississippi and in other States with all of their dump truck and other specialized truck needs.

The company is Mississippi’s and one of the Nation’s primary manufacturers of dump truck bodies and trailers. Warren offers products and services for the smallest to the largest truck.

We maintain a fully stocked parts department with knowledgeable personnel ready to assist your needs. Whether your requirement involves hydraulics, bearings, trailer accessories, suspension components, wheels, tarp systems, electrical, parts fabrication or genuine Warren replacement parts, we can deliver. Warren strives to attain the highest standards of quality and customer service for your governmental, agricultural, transportation and construction needs. It is through our professional and skilled work-force that we maintain this level of dedication.

For any questions or for specification assistance call 1-800-228-4842.