10 ft Crossmemberless Dump Body

Dump body of the month

Dump Body of the Month

Crossmemberless Dump Body – 10 ft

This month’s featured unit is a 10 ft Crossmemberless Dump body for Valley Equipment and Truck. Valley Equipment and Truck has been a Warren Distributor in the Seattle area for over 25 years, specializing in custom truck body up fits on late model trucks. Check out the Trucks section they have listed on their website!

This unit has the following specs:

Yardage: 7/810 ft Crossmemberless Dump Body
Floor Material: 3/16 AR450
Front / Material: 44″ 10 GA A1011
Side / Material: 10 gauge 36″ taper to 28″ rear
Horizontal Brace: Yes
Hoist / Cylinder: TCL10-5385
Hydraulics: Yes

Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 2 Horizontal
Material: 3/16 AR450
Height: 36″
Slope: 6″
Chains: 5/16″
Double Acting: Yes

Cabshield: Variable Width-1/4 (18″)
Lights: LED Standard
Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post
Mud Flaps & brackets: Yes

Special Option: Tapered side construction with front head sheet of 44″, sides 36″ high front tapering down to 28″ rear. 8″ board pockets and 6″ slope on tailgate. This unit has an AR-450 floor, which allows for increased body life and durability.

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Dump Body of the Month – 17 ft Dump Body

Dump body of the month

WXL – Crossmemberless Dump Body

17 ft Dump Body

This months’s dump body of the week is a 17 ft dump body for Palm Peterbilt in Florida. This is one of ten units we are doing for this great customer. These crossmemberless dump bodies have several special features including strobe lights and a cap angle on the sides and tailgate.

17 ft dump body

This  17ft WXL has the following specifications requested by the customer:


Yardage: 21/22

Floor Material: 1/4 AR450 HARDOX

Front / Material: 60″ 10 GA A1011

Side / Material: 56″ 10 GA A1011

Vertical Side Brace: Yes

Horizontal Brace: Yes

Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135

Hydraulics: Yes


Air Operated: Yes

Panel: 9

Material: 7 GA A1011

Height: 58″

Slope: 6″

Chains: 5/16″




Cabshield: Full Width-3/4 (36″)

Asphalt Apron: 12″ Push Type

Bolt On: No

Lights: LED Standard

Oval S/T/T: (2) Per Post

Red & Amber Strobe**


Cap Angle Sides & Tailgate

(2) Rear Amber Strobes

(2) Mid Body Turn Signals

** 22″ Overhange for Paving **


Hydraulic Hoses/Fittings: Yes

Pump: 22 gal w/air shift CW

Console: Air/Air

Mudflaps and Brackets: Yes


Delivery Fuel/Charges: No


Color: Blue Metallic


PTO Muncie CS Series (Auto)

W/ Overspeed Protection **



Installation: Installed

Brand: Shurco

Manual / Electric: Electric

Type: Arm

Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum

Bent Arm: Yes

Tarp Size: 90″x19′

Tarp Type: Asphalt


Pintle Plate: 3/4″

Pintle Hitch: Customer Supplied

Install @ 20″ center

Glad Hands: Customer Supplied

D Rings: Yes

Electric Plug: 7 way

This 17 ft dump body spec is setup for paving with a 22” overhang. They also have HARDOX AR-450 floors, making them versatile and easily used in a number of applications. Regardless of your application needs, we would be happy to quote your next dump body. We pride ourselves on our quality products and excellent customer service. Call us at (888) 734-4400 and let our dedicated sales team help spec your next unit!